Business sense implements Microsoft Dynamics365 to make Ecotel companies able to manage their resources & their Business main cycles.


Before addressing Business Sense, Ecotel used a non-satisfied implementation which not supports their need. Business Sense provides full implementation to manage their business. The Project Goal is to successfully complete the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics365 so that it will help Ecotel achieving results and profitability in a timely and efficient manner.

Our solution

Currently, Business Sense team is implementing the fully-functional system for Ecotel management and collaboration with the configurable modular interface and securely host files to be able to fully manage their resource planning. In the course of work, the team worked on the following modules:

- General Ledger

- Budgeting

- Cash and Bank Management

- Fixed Assets Management

- Financial Dimensions

- Payables Management

- Receivables Management

- Procurement and Sourcing

- Requisition Management

- Inventory Control

- Management Reporter

Business benefits

The outcome of the project is implementation for Microsoft Dynamics365. Microsoft Dynamics365 are used by Ecotel companies and leading companies involved in different fields. Business Sense engineers keep support and adding new features into the system to meet all high business standards